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Bags closing machines

Portable bags closing machines for woven polypropylene or paper bags closing.


We offer all types high quality Taivan brand “Megatex” sewing machines. All types availabe on stock.

Model: F300A; N600H.


New! Keestar bags closing machines: heavy duty GK2200 with two polyester yarns and ultralight KP2700 suitable for non intense use.

Heavy duty and high speed single needle double thread portable bag closer with walking foot feed and direct drive motor. Sewing capacity up to 8mm, suitable for heavy duty bag closing and special applications. Built-in thumb oiler and chain cutter. Polyamide handle motor housing, bag infeed guide and finger guard makes the high safety standard. High quality product.

Speed: 1,800 rpm

Stitch Length: 3 – 8 mm

Needle: DP x 5

Capacity: 8 mm

Weight: 3.7 kg
Brand new design portable bag closer. Ultra light weight and compact design concept makes this little machine only weight 2,7kg. Small body not means incapable, it equipped a powerful drive and brand new design for needle driving mechanism. Reliable chain cutter is built-in with the machine. It provide perfect single thread chain stitching for different filled bag closure.

Speed: 900 rpm

Stitch Length: 5 – 11 mm

Needle: GK9

Capacity: 3 mm

Weight: 2.7 kg

Įmonė stabiliai veikia Lietuvos rinkoje, tenkindama skirtingų klientų poreikius. Turime ilgalaikę patirtį maišų prekybos srityje, todėl esame pasirengę bendradarbiavimui.


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